Last Bit of Moving

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Well, over the past few days, I've finally managed to completely move out of our house here in SLO. It's really strange going back and looking around, I never remember it being that empty.

I spent the last 3-4 days taking trips to the dump, carrying boxes and furniture out of houses, up and down stairs, and into apartments. Nikki's still got a little work to do on her room, but I think we're all set for the handoff on Wednesday. Our landlord Menzo came up to check out the place. He didn't seem to find anything wrong so hopefully (fingers crossed) we'll get our deposits back! I mean, I have repaired so many things in that house, they probably outweight any damage we did, if any.

Thank god Kristen came back down to help out at the house. It takes two J's (as Nikki would put it) to really get things done. The last 4 days have been a whirlwind of moving, but it looks good. I'm especially thankful for her help moving my bed and kitchen table, which I was sure was gonna need a U-Haul. We got a hell of a lot accomplished.

Craiglisting is finally over with. I can't believe how picky people get about free stuff. "What color is it?...Can you hold it for two days?...Umm, is it this specific type of material?..." COME ON, IT'S FREE! Just come and take it and don't complain! I STILL cannot get rid of the red/pink/whateverthehellcoloritis couch. I stripped off the fabric and cut the price multiple times, but no dice. Everyone keeps telling me after a few calls or emails that it's too long, EVEN THOUGH that's in the description! Well, Kristen thinks it's destined to become mine. I don't know about that, but apparently I'm supposed to take it. (Just like I've never had Nutella and now I'm destined to get some as a house warming gift :-P) It doesn't fit in, but FINE I guess I can take it and slip cover the damn thing lol. We'll see, I'll shove it in the garade and consider it.

But, who says there wasn't fun along the way? I've gotten a chance to go on all my SLO hikes over the past week (minus the P, which I'm hoping to do tomorrow) and go on a bike ride or two.

Kristen and I had a particularly interesting experience while moving stuff to Rob's old place. A guy was dancing behind a large straw beach umbrella on the a street corner when we drove back towards Santa Rosa. I'm thinking, "Okay, this guy is probably nude" and wouldn't you know it? Down goes the umbrella and that was definitely all him there, totally naked. It was pretty hilarious. I was pretty impressed by how into it he was. I mean, his dancing was really good. As soon as we drove by, a school bus came off the freeway behind us. We slowed down to watch; thankfully he covered up with the umbrella and just continued his little dance for the bus.

Laying out and swimming over at Armen's place was also awesome. Thanks man for letting us stop by these last few days, hopefully I'll look a little less white before I head to Michigan.

Man this entry was long; I'll try and write more frequently to keep them shorter. (Some pics would be nice too!)

One more night in the house tomorrow then off to the 313 to see my homies in DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-troit. Later!


P.S. If you don't know what I mean when I say 'J' type, check out the personality test, Nikki would LOVE to know what type you are (just don't use it as a mental crutch lol). Just Google 'personality test' and click on the first result. For the record, I'm an INTJ just to get it out there.

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