Ship em out

The clearing out of the house continues. We've been selling all the big stuff and I've been cleaning out all the front rooms and my room. Here's a few shots of the demise of Calle Malva:

Progress is kinda slow just because there's a TON of junk in this house after three years. I still find it funny that the lady from the garbage company was like "How many year's have you been in the house? 3? Honey, you better go to the dump, you'll have a lot of junk." Thanks.

It's starting to wind down a bit though. The house is starting to look emptier and emptier, and I'm starting to feel a little said about leaving. I mean, we've been in this house for three years! It's hard to believe all the stuff that went down there, here's just a short list:

- Hide and go seek at 4 a.m.
- Homework burning sessions
- Trying to jump up in the air and take pictures
- Blake's mom hiding in the closet to scare Nikki on Halloween
- The Great Flood of 2007 (and 2008...oops)
- 2 Thanksgiving Dinners, 2 Easter Dinners, a Superbowl party and countless birthdays (we'll never forget Blake's 20th)
- Improv piano solos from Blake, Nikki, and whoever else sat down at the piano
- Numerous sessions of Cranium, Twister, Apples to Apples and every other board game under the sun
- Watching the life of Bobby the Lobster come and go
- Gossip parties that somehow ended up convening on my bed
- Fraternity initiations and random parties
- Angel the neighbourhood drunk golden retriever showing up at our door
- Countless pranks pulled on Nikki...including appearances by Nancy, Vlad, and PDC to name a few...
- Turning the hot water off while Rob was in the shower
- Stealing a bunch of Nikki's wigglers just to get served and find out that she found the hiding place
- Knowing that you could always find someone awake in the middle of the night procrastinating or thinking about doing work

Whew, yea lot of stuff (feel free to comment about more, I've forgotten some of it).

Well, time to head over to Rob's old place, I gotta keep on shipping stuff out of here. Hopefully we'll be pretty good by the weekend. Move out is the 1st, so we should be good.

After that, it's off to Detroit, DC, Boston, back to SLO, and finally to SJ to start my new job! I can't wait to get started, I love moving in to a new place (it gives me an excuse to buy a bunch of new stuff). First on my list...brand new flat screen baby!



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