TPS Reports and a Fishy Farewell

Wow, today's been another day of non-stop chores, clearing out the house, moving stuff, etc...but there are two points about today that I figured were blog-worthy.

First off, I feel like a got the Office Space treatment today from ASI. I received not one, but THREE notices about my paycheck being on hold. The first email was a generic one saying that my paycheck would be put on hold and I needed to provide an address. I figured I would just pick it up on Friday, since that's when it usually is available. Yesterday, my boss sent me another email about the same thing. I told him I already got it, but now I thought "Maybe it's already in the office?" Nah, they come out Friday. My buddy Armen then mentioned it to me last night. Now I'm thinking, "Okay, it must be ready if so many people mentioned it."

Today, I drive over to campus, put money in the meter and go into the office. Guess what? They aren't going to be there until Friday! Imagine that. I wasn't too surprised when she mentioned several people had already come in asking about it. Oh well, there goes 50 cents in the meter. It is kinda funny how it parallels Peter and his TPS Reports in Office Space:

The other news of the day was the fish tank move. Today I hauled all my reef tank stuff over to Armen's place after much swearing and spilling of water everywhere. Thanks again Armen for keeping them and to Bob and Mark for helping carry it all in. I gotta say, it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected; the transfer went pretty smoothly and the setup was much faster. Taking it all down was kind of a pain by myself, but what can you do, there's a lot of stuff. It was definitely a good dry run for the move to San Jose. Bagging up all the corals and fish takes a long time, but hopefully they all will survive this move and the one to SJ. I'll hafta check in with Armen and see how they're doing

Until next time...


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