My (Second) First Day at Work

Hey y'all,

I've been a slacker lately and haven't been blogging. Well, I don't think lazy is exactly the best term. Over the past week I've been back in SLO, packed up, moved to SJ, set up shop in my sweet new apartment, bought a killer new TV, and started work at Hitachi (HGST). I guess that's my version of "lazy" haha, at least in terms of blogging. I figued I'd save the whole move to SJ for a blog entry when I have some good pics. For now, a little bit on my work.

The reason I call it my "second" first day is because I took an internship with HGST 2 years ago. I had fun with everyone at work and liked the area. I was kinda lonely since there were no other interns in my area, but everybody at work was awesome. Back then I worked for the firmware team. whereas now I've moved over to the hardware team (or "dark side" according to my old buddies at work). I get to see a lot my old friends along with quite a few new ones.

Anyways, my first day was pretty long and boring. I spent most of the day doing HR orientations. I now have a whole book on safety, benefits, vacation, retirement, and other stuff to mull over. I'm taking it easy tonight, watching Superbad on my new TV and getting some exercise. I figure I'll hit this Hitachi stuff hard tomorrow.

I got lost going to my actual work. The HR site is at a different spot, and in two years they've managed to move a bunch of streets and change their names. VERY nice. The badge place closed, so I don't have my ID to get in yet. Whoops. My manager Steve came down and let me in anyways for a tour. I got to say hi to everyone I'll be working with, along with all my old friends. That's about it, no work today. Back again tomorrow when hopefully I get to do something more useful.

I'm going to try and make these a bit more interesting, I no my life updates are bleh. I'm planning on starting my book in the next few weeks. My apartment is coming together; more on that in my next post. We will see how Hitachi goes; the picnic in SC is coming up early in August with the software guys. That should be VERY interesting now that I'm on the other side.

Stay tuned...


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