Time to Move

Now that Boston's off my mind, let's see about Detroit.

I was kinda out of it my first day back. I passed out for two hours during the afternoon for my 45 minute nap. Whoops. I felt kinda bad to because I was half awake when my mom surprised me with the news that everyone from my family was coming Thursday for an early 23rd birthday party. I was kinda groggy, so rather than excitement, my reply was "Huh?".

Thursday I took a bike ride with my dad. It's become a kind of tradition for us to go out on a ride when I'm home to check out GP and Detroit. It was a great day for a ride and I got to see everything that has changed in town. (I'm just kidding, not much ever changes!) I also did some more lawn mowing. Yea, nothing really exiting there...

The birthday party was really cool. We had eighteen people over, which is a ton for us. Everybody I know was there, which was really cool. I got a few gifts, but I was mainly there to see how everyone was doing (and the cake of course).

I'm really glad I came home for these few weeks. Although I didn't really get to see many of my old high school buddies, I did get to hang with the family. I could have come around my bday, but Laura, Mark, and Rune are heading into town in early August for a few weeks, so I think I'd be kinda overshadowed by the arrival of the baby to MI. I'm sad I still won't get to see the little guy in person though :( Guess I'll just need to grab a plane ticket to HI with all my new money 8-)

Let's see, let's see. Today we checked out the Ann Arbor art fair. We must've walked several miles because that fair was HUGE. Lots of cool stuff, way too overpriced. I'm glad I grabbed some art in South Haven. I did see some cool colorized photos an artist made after doing some urban exploring in Detroit and other rundown cities (if you don't know what it is, Google it). I took his card and figured I'd check it out later after I settle down in SJ.

We also paid a visit to IKEA. I need to furnish my first apartment somehow, and IKEA's going to help me do it. I got a lot of ideas and also got a chance to check out some stuff I wanted to but in the Bay Area. I definitely did a major J thing too for my new place. I made a scale drawing of the rooms on graph paper and then cut scale pieces of furniture out of note cards so that I could work on arranging my room. I ended up getting a lot of good layouts though. It is a lot better than making several drawings over and over (which I did this summer in San Diego). Yea, I'm a dork, so what?

What else? I walked the dog quite a ways and then hung with Brenna and Caitlin. It's always good to see those guys. Caitlin of course filled me in with all the latest gossip on my neighbors, relationships, who's doing what. You know, the usual GP stuff.

Sunday (morning?) I'm off to SLO again. My dad comes out Tuesday and then we head to San Jose with all my junk. My place is all paid for right now. I don't have any money until my first paycheck. Then I can afford the usual, you know, cable, internet, furniture, food...all that stuff. It will be nice to support myself totally finally.

Keep in touch and visit sometime...


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