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Hey everybody,

Back from Hawai'i, what an awesome time! I have a bunch of nature shots as well as several with me and "the little guy" Rune hanging out at my sister's house. Check em out here:

Hawai'i - November 2009

Also, just a heads up that I'll be launching a new website off my site here at (yes I know it doesn't work quite yet). I'm planning on posting quotes and excerpts from my book that I'm working on, as well as my progress, page count, ideas, etc. I'm also planning on adding an anonymous idea form to submit suggestions to me, and maybe even a forum. I know most people won't be interested (except maybe my roomies whom I'm writing about haha), but who knows, maybe someone has an awesome idea or story I didn't think of. I'll post when it's live.

Good night all,


P.S. Just a little FYI, the book has passed the outline stage and I've begun writing it (I'm at about 7 pages and counting, but PLENTY of story to go!)

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