"I had a weekend"

Well, it might not be as awesome as Cal's was in 4YOV (Google it), but hey, I'm quite happy with it.  In my new Eurostyle blog fashion (and I thought only pillows came that, can't believe I said that), let me give you the quick run down:

  • Drove to BART on Friday and biked up to Rob's place in Nob Hill.  Had a fun evening touring North Beach and checking out a rum bar in the Western Addition with an awesome pirate theme.
  • Woke up Saturday early, geared up, and headed out for a 55 mi bike ride (or 80 km, more on that later) with Ray and 3 of his buddies.  A quick route breakdown: Sunset -> GG Park -> GG Bridge -> Sausalito -> Mill Valley -> Mt. Tam and reverse.  Click me for the route map!
  • Rushed back to Rob's, showered, threw on some new clothes and biked back down to BART and got to Milbrae just in time to miss getting a ticket.
  • Headed over to MV for Lesley's bday pub crawl up the peninsula.  Glad we only made it up to PA on Caltrain; I was running on about 3 hours of sleep lol.  LOTS of fun and some good dancing!
  • Passed out at home in SJ at 2/3am, woke up at 9ish and got all dolled up and headed up to SF again with Kristen on Caltrain to see Wicked.
  • We bummed around town, grabbing a random bus and heading down to Hyde and Polk streets for some $3 wine and Thai food.  Made it back in plenty of time for the last train back (I am a little gun shy after last time.)
  • Spent at midnight.
Whew!  That was my weekend, a totally random mix of events that just so happened to collide at the same time.  It was so much fun, it's made me reconsider my idea to someday move.  I mean SF was just gorgeous and clear, you should've seen it.  Plenty of FB pics (and videos lol) from the festivities, check em out.

Now on to the fun moments.  I started out Saturday's ride in slightly dismal spirits after I lost my bike computer.  I forgot to click it all the way in after playing with it on BART, so it was a little loose.  In the middle of the Haight, I hit a bump, and the thing went flying like 20 feet.  It landed right in an intersection just as a MUNI bus turned and smashed it.  Ouch.  Luckily, there was a bike shop only a block from where we started our ride, and so I got a new one after getting him down a few bucks in price.  We had to stop anyways after Ryan's pump kept blowing up tubes since it was misreading the air pressure.  Man, I wish I would've seen the guy on his phone who freaked out when Ryan blew the second tube and it sounded like a gunshot!

As I started the ride, I was amazed at how fast I was going.  30 mph down a side street, wow!  Ooops, no wait, that's in KPH... dammit.  I forgot to change it.  Oh well, I'll just fix that later.

Mt. Tam was my fear on the ride, since I'm more of a distant guy, and growing up in MI, I'm used to flat.  However, it looks like all my hill biking around here has paid off, since I was able to keep up.  The best part was the downhill of course.  Ray and I shot down the other side towards the Marin Headlands, clocking in at around 32 mph, which was a great feeling, especially hitting the 15 mph curves!  One car was going slow, admiring the park, while we ran right up on his bumper.  I was talking to Ray about passing the guy when something I've never seen before happened: the guy pulled over to let us bikers (or Lance's as Ryan puts it) go past.  Awesome!  

We stopped at my usual sandwich place in Sausalito to rest up, grab some food, and watch the older guy at the water balance rocks and chew people out for taking pics without paying.  Always a treat!  We almost lost a bike to the water, but luckily it was saved by Ryan as it hit the rocks, whew!

Getting to the pub crawl was a rush.  I was hoping to go home to dress up, but there was no time, so I just said f*** it and went in a t-shirt and jeans.  I mean it's the bars right?  Lots of fun, especially getting to BART after I showered.  I didn't want to mess up my hair biking back so I wore my warming cap under my helmet.  There's a picture txt floating around somewhere with the photo of me putting it on, looks like I'm in a shower cap lol!  But hey, it worked!

Wicked was awesome, I'm glad Kristen and I got to go after so much trial and error with our busy schedules.  I'm also glad to learn I have a buddy who has likes to go to coffee shops not for coffee, but for chai tea like me!  Learn something new everyday about people.  And $2.95 wine bar happy hour = happiness.
Anywho, that was my crazy weekend, what was up with yours?  Today it was back to the usual, taking a break.  I'm looking forward to my bday this Friday (and I hope everyone can come!) 

In the meantime, Eurotrip in a little over 2 weeks, wooooo!  Am I ready? guys should know me by now.  I've been ready for months, you know how I roll.  Just look at this: my customized guidebooks (I ripped apart several huge ones and made mini ones to save space):

Every time I do something even so little as ripping up my guidebooks, I get so stoked.  This is going to be hella fun....oops, excuse me, a lot of fun!  Even today, buying a collapsible bowl and water bottle from REI just gets me all excited.  Can't wait!  Oh, and I just got word from the travel forum I follow that my Nook is the way to paperbacks, just 24958203480238 books on one thin device. (a bit of an exaggeration I know)

Tomorrow I'm *hopefully* off on the new (old) bike to commute...still haven't bought a new back wheel to fix the (supposedly) hacked axel.  Oh well...if it breaks, it breaks.  I need to check if I even have the right tire to carry with me, so I might not even go, we'll see.  I think I can take another bike day off  :-)

Stay classy readers!


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