Czech Me Out!

Sorry, I had to do it, I just love the t-shirt :-P.  Prague's been a blast so far, I'm so glad I decided to leave my itinerary as is, because there's a TON of stuff to do here.  I've only got one day left, and it's already packed lol.

Friday ended up being the big tour day.  I started off by walking to town (couldn't get the tram machine to take my money lol) and grabbed a coffee.  I know, I'm not a coffee person, but nowhere in Europe usually serves juice (unless it's a tourist joint), so I'm testing out coffee lol.  I took Anthony's advice at the hostel and just pounded out the back-to-back tours of Old Town, New Town, the Jewish district and the castle.  All in all, about 5-6 hours of nonstop walking with a quick lunch break.  Whew, so much information!  I was happy that they talked about my favorite event from European history: The Defenestration of Prague.  That was when they threw two Catholic officials out of a tower window (defenestrated) into a pile of manure and started the 30 Years War.  Awesome.

Afterwords, I checked my fb and found out I missed Jillian again, who was trying to make it to the second tour that I was on :-(  Oh well, it happens.  By the time I got back to the hostel it was 7, so I was debating what to do.  I wanted to do the pub crawl they recommended, but I was a little leery after past experiences and stories from people on pub crawls.  I know you get to meet all sorts of people, but personally you just get so wasted you never remember em.  I much rather just form a group of hostellers and go out exploring together.  And that's what I did :-)

While I was fumbling with going out or going to a club with the hostel crew later, I went upstairs and met my new roomie Agus from Argentina.  He had been to Prague before and was on his way back, so we went out and grabbed some awesome Italian food.  After getting back and watching the end of Indiana Jones with a girl from Portland and Australia, I made up my mind to wait until clubbing at 12:30 a.m.  I hung out at the bar downstairs talking to Lucy, the bartender, Agus, and two guys from Belgium, Hans and Casper.  They had all sorts of fun questions about the US, especially my favorite (and most asked) question: "Do you carry a gun?"

Oh yea, so Rob, I asked about the huge club (the 5 story one) and the place where you pour your own beer (The Beer Factory).  Apparently, those places are totally for tourists and not really Czech places lol.  Sorry man.  We ended up grabbing a taxi to the first place.  Man, taxis in Prague = bad idea.  A bunch of people got ripped off that night, paying more than double of what we paid.  Make sure you check the price beforehand if you use cabs in this town!

We got lost at first trying to find the club, but eventually happened upon it.  The place is actually a hotel/club/pub/strip club all in one.  Very interesting place lol.  We all had a good time.  I did my shot of Absinthe, which burned like hell of course, followed by some dancing.  I met Anna and Matt, from Australia and Canada, while riding over, and we all hung out together.  It was a cool, huge place.  I wish there were a few less guys and more girls dancing though, but whatever.

At about 3 a.m. we rode over to Cross Club, another really cool place.  It's just a sight to see; the whole place is several levels fully decorated in car parts.  Shoot, the wall of one dance floor was totally filled with motherboards.  So cool!  We only stayed a little bit until they started closing the floors, so by 4:30/5 we all got home and passed right out.

Saturday started a wee bit late for me :-)  What does that mean?  10 a.m. of course, you guys know I can't sleep in :-P  I grabbed lunch downtown and set out on my main goal: getting lost.  Me, lost?  Yea it's a pretty foreign concept, but this is purposely getting lost lol.  I find it so much more fun to discover a city by just wandering the streets and checking out the shops, especially off the main drag.  Plus, Prague is pretty packed right now (as I'm sure it always is), so it was nice to have a little breathing room.  My finds for the day include:

  • An Absinthe Museum/shop serving every type of mix possible, as well as providing a brief history on the drink and a huge wall of various types.  I even tried a sample of the ice cream...MAN you can taste the Absinthe lol.
  • An antique store.  Okay, yea there's a million of them here, but most of them have overpriced junk that's from 500 years ago.  This place was more of a used bookstore with other odd antiques strewn about.  I instantly found the maps and spent 1-2 hours there sifting through lots of old maps lol.  One more souvenir for me!

Afterwords I made it back up to the palace and the cathedral.  I went in (since we didn't go before) and took pictures from the free section in back.  Then I took my tour guide's advice, said I was Catholic and wanted to pray, and they let me in for free!  I would've taken more pics, but I felt kinda bad since I promised the guy I wouldn't, plus I got everything I needed from the free section.  He let me into a roped-off section of pews.  I was the only one allowed to sit there while people milled about lol.

Next was a coffee break to work on the journal and pics before strolling back to Old Town, checking out the commercial district and then off to the hostel.  On deck was groceries, since I felt like Friday night was kinda expensive (not really), but I wanted to see how cheap I could get a meal for.  At the supermarket, I ended up with 4 meals for around $8, not bad!

I made my dinner and sat around chatting with everyone when Agus came to meet me.  Earlier he told me that DJ Tiesto was coming to Prague on Sunday, which was awesome!  The price was 1090 Kč (about $50), but I figured it'd be my one big splurge of the trip.  I mean, I'll never get a chance like this to hear a great trance artist again, and in Prague of all places!  I said I was down and we booked tix for tomorrow night!  Awesome!  Of course, with all that money gone and the long night Friday, I took off the night to relax, blog, maybe watch a movie, and hang out with people here.

Tomorrow comes the Communism Museum and the concert (yay!) so it should be good.  I'm going to Vienna the next morning, but the train is only 4 hours or so and there's like 15 a day, so it doesn't matter if I get up late.

I'll let you know how it goes, I'm sure it'll be Vienna before I write again.  Laterz!


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