I Messed with Texas and Lost

Dear Texas weather,

You suck!

Love Matt

I think that message is short enough and to the point, don't ya think?  After Houston last time, I figured my worst delay experiences were over.  Right now, I'm chilling out at DFW, ticket in my hand, waiting for an AA flight heading to London at 5pm (rain pending lol).  I have no idea how this worked out, but after a series of unfortunate events, I feel like I was truly blessed to get on this flight.  I know everybody has flying issues and it's not that interesting, but here's how it went down for me at least:

  • Flew from SJ to Dallas, got stuck in a holding pattern b/c of weather and landed in San Antonio.
  • Waited over 3 hours with a bunch of other planes on the tarmac.  We reached the limit of hours we can be on the tarmac due to the new law, at which point they told people they could just get off and forfeit all travel.  Nice.
  • Got to Dallas around 8:30 p.m. after the airport finally reopened.  Missed my BA flight by about 30 minutes.
  • Waited in line to rebook at the gate.  Got a message from my mom saying there was a flight 2 terminals over for London on AA.  
  • Ran to the train and rushed over to D Terminal just in time to wait at the back of another line.  Several agents tossed my tickets and passport around, confused because I was a BA customer (an AA partner).  At this point, I think they cancelled my rolled over AA flight for today (more on that in a sec).
  • At around midnight, I was told to go to the ticket counter.  I waited at the end of another slow line.  Called BA in the process, who said I could get a ticket from Houston if I could get there, since they couldn't book me an AA leg.
  • Got to the counter, was told because I was a reward (FF) ticket that basically I was screwed and either should turn around to San Jose or wait for a few days (and pay a huge fee).  At this point I was exhausted and started to freak out a bit.
  • BA number went dead for the night and everybody went home.  I called a Days Inn for a shuttle.
  • The shuttle never showed up after 45 minutes and calling 3 times, so I grabbed a cab, who found a bunch of hotels that were closer.
  • Only the Courtyard had rooms, so I booked a swanky, expensive room, emailed the hostel to say I'll be a day late at least, then passed out after a shower.
  • Got up at 6am when BA opened their line back up, was told AA apparently had rebooked me on a flight today, but they couldn't access it to confirm (go figure).
  • Called AA, found out someone (probably last night) rolled me over to the flight today and then cancelled it.  He booked me on a seat.
  • Ran down at 6:30 a.m. for a quick breakfast (the lady was nice enough not to charge me) and to print my ticket.  
  • Passed out again until 10 a.m.  
  • Got up, took the shuttle to DFW, confirmed I did indeed have a real ticket with a seat now at the AA ticket counter (at this point I was a bit nervous) and then checked where my bag went.  

I've just had a good burger at TGI Fridays and am sitting down writing to you, my loyal readers :-)  In the end, I'm hoping I only lose a day from my trip.  No big deal, I'm glad I made this trip fairly flexible in terms of planning, I was just trying to figure out what I could do each day.

Oh, and the people you mean, man!  So interesting!  Turns out the lady sitting next to me to Dallas speaks fluent Polish, is from Atascadero (north of Cal Poly) and loves Modern Marvels as much as me.  Who woulda thought?  I also met a cool guy from Scotland on the same BA flight and another bloke heading to Australia.  Very interesting couple of folks.  Also, I was amazed how calm and nice people were (passengers and employees), especially on that hot plane in San Antonio.  It doesn't pay to freak out, which saved me some energy for sure.

In the end, I hope I make it today!  If anything, it's a direct flight and I'm booked, so delays don't bother me as much.  I'm just glad I found a seat :-P

See you from 34A!


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