A Mellow Day in Chilly Amsterdam

Well, today turned out to be a total vacation day lol.  Absolutely NOTHING got done and I loved it!  I hung out all day with three of my roomies, Nina from Germany and Andrea and Ellen from Wisconsin.  It was a chilly day with sprinkles, so there was not much of a chance to do anything outside.  I had covered pretty much everything I wanted to, so I went off in the morning with Nina clothes shopping.  Hey, you guys all know I like to shop, plus it was cool to see a clothing store in another country.  Looks pretty much the same as the US.

Afterwords, we grabbed lunch over in Leidsplein area, Italian.  I think it's funny that I always end up going somewhere and getting food from another country there.  It reminds me of when we went to grab Indian at a place in Vancouver, it just feels kinda funny.

I decided on impulse to change up my trip plans.  Looks like I'll be going to Cologne tomorrow for a short one-day trip, after Nina gave me tons of recommendations and even a sushi place in her home town.  It sounded fun to me, especially since it give me a chance to to go to a random place on my trip  That and I've exhausted everything I've wanted to do in Amsterdam, so it looks like I'm heading out.

For the rest of the day, all four of us met up and just mellowed out and walked around.  I got to see the Cannabis College and Sex Museum, both of which were pretty interesting.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a whirlwind tour of Cologne, then off to Berlin.

Talk to you there!


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