Prague to Vienna: Night and Day

Let's see here...Sunday during the day was pretty boring.  I had thought of leaving Prague a day early, but after getting the DJ Tiesto tickets I had to stay lol!  In the morning I did some souvenir shopping, picked up the tickets and went to the Museum of Communism.  Let me tell ya, don't make that a main stop on your trip to Prague.  I mean it's about 50/50, but the museum is nothing special, mostly anti-Communism propoganda, which is fine, but it can be skipped.

I decided to eat my picnic lunch in the main square and people watch.  That was fine, except my awkwardness got the best of me that day.  Let's just say I had a serious argument with my yogurt.  It decided that it didn't not want to be eaten.  Instead, it exploded in my face, spilled on my jacket, then blew way and burst on the sidewalk.  Yea, it was everywhere haha; the people on the bench next to me were probably like "Who is this clown?"  It's just me guys, that's how I am.

The afternoon was pretty much a loss.  I went back to the hostel and planned a bit, then walked around the neighborhood and watched a movie.  Not much going on for a chilly Sunday afternoon.  I wanted to go see the church made of human bones, but I figured I wouldn't get back in time to eat dinner and see the show, so I stuck back.

Agus and I grabbed some dinner than called a taxi over to SaSaZu to see the show.  Oh man, Tiesto was AMAZING, I can't even describe it.  Well, I'll try :-)  The place was an old warehouse turned into a giant dancefloor.  It got pretty packed by the time Tiesto arrived around 23:00.  The first guy wasn't bad, and actually there were two guys after Tiesto running until 5 a.m.  The mixes were REALLY good, I took a lot of pictures and videos (which I'm afraid I won't get uploaded until I find a faster net connection).  The rest of the time?  I was dancing fools! :-P  The display and sound system were just so great, I knew I'd wake up still partially deaf.  It's just expected when you go to a show like that lol.  Definitely one of the highlights of my trip!

Luckily, I planned everything the day before; I passed out around 04:00.  Up at 09:00 lol, I gotta stop doing that!  I grabbed breakfast and checked out to head to the train station.  Hey, I would've slept in but A) you KNOW I can't sleep past 10 and B) checkout was at 10:30, and I didn't wanna pay for another day.  I mostly read and nodded off on the train, although I got a chance to edit my pics and vids from Sunday night.  SOOOOOO good!

Vienna is...well, what everybody on the trip has said about it.  Let's just say I think it's probably a good place to recharge before the rest of the trip, especially with Munich coming up.  Everything is SUPER clean and nice.  Personally, I kinda like some grime, this is kinda scary.  People are generally nice.  The hostel is cool, although after rereading some reviews I don't think I'll meet too many people.  It's very nice, but most people keep to themselves.  This town is all about culture and classical music, things that most people my age aren't into.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to go to a play or orchestra performance, but it's not high on my list lol.  It's alright, I'll do the few things on my list and be on my way.  Today I got a good homemade pizza and even some wine (yea, they don't mix, but hey I'm on vacation) along with gelato.  I was too tired today to try my German, so I searched out a place with an English menu.

In terms of my trip, I'm coming upon the third week mark soon.  I'm sad that it's only one more week until I head back, but I think I'm starting to burn out a little, especially after Krakow and Prague lol.  I hope I can get charged up for Oktoberfest and Paris, those are two things I'm really looking forward to.  I can say that I'm getting a little homesick, I miss some of the little things about America, especially food.  Of course I've seen a McDonalds and KFC in every city I've been in so far, but I don't even eat at those places usually lol  (although I heard McD's is better quality here, so maybe).  I'm thinking In-N-Out first thing when I'm back?  I dunno, I'll make a list :-)



P.S.  I'm slacking on uploading photos (well the Internet is), so more Tiesto stuff will be up in the next few days!

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