So long Jolly Old England and Hallo Amsterdam!

Well England has come and gone already, man!  Day 2 was just as packed as the first, and I definitely could see myself spending weeks there.  Stupid Texas :-P.

Anywho, after a rough night in our hot room (plus the timezone thing), I woke up in the morning to meet my two German roommates and Nick, who's originally from Portland but now serves in Kuwait as part of the army reserves.  Lucky him, he gets to be here for a few weeks rather than a few days, and it sounds like he's making the most of it.  He's planning on becoming an American history teacher once he gets out, which I thought was pretty cool.

Together, the two us tackled London again, and we racked up quite a list:

  • Got lost a bunch of times during the morning until we found the Portobello Market, the famous one in London where they literally sell EVERYTHING.
  • Nick convinced me to check out the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which was reproduced at the actual address (221 Baker St.).  I'd recommend it, it was pretty cool; it contains a reproduction of the different aspects of the books and short stories.  I'm definitely putting them on my list to read now.  Nick also told me there are actually 4 novels, whereas I thought there was only the one I read, so I'll have to check that one out as well.
  • Next stop was next door at the Beatles store, which had lots of cool memorabilia.  It's nice to check out places I wasn't even thinking of, much better than my first day.
  • After grabbing a Starbucks (real English I know lol), we headed over to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, both of which I'd HIGHLY recommend.
  • After walking the bridge and checking out the Globe Theater real quick, Nick and I split up.  I headed for the Tate Modern and he went to the Tate Britain (which turned out to be closed).
  • The Tate Modern was AWESOME, although I was pretty beat after the day, so 2 hours was enough for me.  There were lots of interesting works for people who like modern art, although personally I liked the stuff on the 5th floor better than the 4th floor, because it was more of the off-the-wall sculptures and paintings that I like.
  • Afterwards, I walked the Millennium Bridge and took the tube back to write up notes for heading to Amsterdam.
  • Nick showed up around 10 and we went to the pub to grab a cider and then Burger King (another English original I know) since I hadn't eaten since lunch.

Overall, it was another packed day, a little too packed I would say.  I've decided that I need to slow down and stop planning as much, although I lost a day in London, which was the main problem.  I now have almost twice as much time in a city where I have half of the amount of sites to see (Amsterdam), so hopefully I can just chill.

Speaking of Amsterdam, by chill I don't mean sleep better and get over this cold I might be getting.  Nope, it's Amsterdam, and I'm hear to do my part of the drinking and whatever else might suit me :-P  There's a good chance I won't reply for a while, so just a heads up.

Oh yea, and there's a hold on London pics, I forgot to take my SD card, so I could only take a few on my camera and need the cable.  The rest I'm waiting to get from Nick.

Time to go figure out which coffee shop and pub crawl to go to, later guys!


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