"It's not about me. It's about you."

Hey guys,

Since I'm off Facebook/Twitter/4sq this week, I've been enjoying my peace and quiet (more on that in another post). In the meantime, I've definitely missed it for posting random things, although I'm sure people are happy I'm not dumping on their feeds this week.

Anywho, while taking a break during my "writing day" (more on that later too), I decided "Huh, I wonder if is available again for me to buy?" Nope. However, I DID find this councilman's campaign site and a few articles, so I thought it'd just be fun to share!

Btw, a prothonary is defined as 'principal clerk of a court' (Wikipedia).

I love the the slogan haha.  I need to order a bunch of these signs just to have lol.  More on the councilman's story here:

That was fun writing a short post, maybe I should just put all my random stories up on my blog :-)

Now time for lunch and then back to the novel!


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