The Most Northwestern Bathroom in the US

Sorry guys, kinda got swept up with this whole Seattle thing that I totally forgot to write up my second half of my trip!  Well, now there's a bit of a lull before all the craziness begins Wednesday, so let's sit down here and have a chat.

The title is only one of the many random things on the way from Oregon into Washington along the coast.  As I got farther along, I realized I sped up a little bit each day, eager to make it to Seattle.  Although that's the case, I'm happy to say that I think I've covered most of the western coastline, at least for now :-)  Okay, so here we go!

Day 4: Lincoln City, OR to Portland, OR

  • Got up early and before I knew it, I had crossed the 45th parallel.  The tiny sign came up so quickly that I missed it and turned around for a quick blurrycam pic.
  • Stopped at my first Oregon gas station.  MAN it's weird having someone pump your gas.  At least I got out and did my own windows :-P
  • Took the 3 capes loop off of 101.  A bit foggy, but it was a pleasant drive; it reminded me a lot of a resort town near Traverse City or something, lots of wooden condos hidden in the woods.  Unfortunately, the road was closed to the Cape Meares Lighthouse, but I just took the detour for fun.
  • Drove into Tillamook and got my cheese fix.  A very cool, *free* factory tour.  I even bought a few random gifts for the old SLO roomies (hope you guys enjoyed the poop paper lol!)
  • After stopping here and there for some coast pics, I drove into the packed vacation town of Cannon Beach.  It was nice to start seeing more WA plates, made me feel at home.  I grabbed a quick lunch and did some reading in the bustling little town.
  • Stopped by Ecola SP to see this grand view of the coast my book talked up, but I pulled a U-turn after I found out it was $5 to see a fogged out coastline.
  • Jumped on the road to Portland, where I got stuck for an hour in a crazy traffic jam.  Hell, I turned off my car 3 times and friggin' READ while I waited.  Good thing I had nowhere to be lol.
  • Made it to Portland, woo!  Hung out with Carrie at her new digs and talked over tea and vegan curry.  We spent the night roaming the streets seeing the funkiness that's Stumptown, stopping to grab a huge waffle cone from the food trucks parked in a lot in her neighborhood before heading to the park.  We talked about our new lives (she just moved from SC) and I even got to meet her gf and learn about "vegan rollerskates" lol.  Thanks again Carrie for putting me up for the night!
I'm excited for Seattle, but I'm also so happy Portland is so close.  I mean, it's about a 3 hour drive or a 3 1/2 hour train ride for $60.  I can't wait to head back!  See you guys in October 8-)

Day 5: Portland, OR to Astoria, OR

  • Hung out with Carrie and Sarah all morning.  Grabbed a vegan lunch in Belmont before heading back up US-26 to the coast.  Don't worry, I'll be back :-)
  • Walked around Seaside for a bit, though it was a bit cloudy for a day at a beach town.
  • Headed up to see Fort Stevens, but there was a crazy accident involving a school bus blocking the way.  Found a detour around it and eventually saw a really cool bunker, the only place in the continental US bombed during WWII
  • Fort Clatsop (endpoint of Lewis + Clark) was closing at 5 p.m. so I headed into Astoria.  MAN it's annoying how stuff closes early, but oh well lol
  • Walked along the RR tracks in Astoria for a loooong time, taking bridge pics before realizing I went the wrong way lol.
  • Went up the Astoria Column, which has an AWESOME view of the rivers and the ocean.  Lots of stairs though haha.
  • Drove to my motel (complete with an awesome view of the Columbia and the bridge to WA) and then to a good seafood dinner.  I was amazed how chatty people were, both the gas attendant (admiring my bike) and the waiter at dinner.  It was nice to chat with some folks.
I may not have gotten far that day, but it was a ton of fun!  Now I was really getting anxious to hit WA, so the next day I vowed to push it and get far...and I did :-)

Day 6: Astoria, OR to Port Angeles, WA

  • After admiring the view from my motel a bit, I stopped back at Fort Clatsop to snoop around before grabbing Starbucks and driving over the bridge.  Washington at last!
  • I tried to go to the North Head Lighthouse, but the pay-to-park thing was $10 and I only had a $20.  I didn't feel like breaking the honor system and I had seen enough lighthouses, so I skipped it.
  • Went to Long Beach, admired the random stuff in the Free Museum (complete with crocodile man!) along with the world's largest frying pan and a reconstructed whale skeleton.
  • Sped through Willapa Bay, Grays Harbor, Lake Quinault and Kalaloch.  Not much to see lol, towns are a bit smaller and farther in WA, which was a nice pace from OR.
  • Hit the Hoh River Rainforest.  Simply amazing!  I liked it (and Olympia National Park) so much that I bought a year pass.  I will be back!
  • Took the alternate route up highway 113 and 112 to Neah Bay, the most NW point in the US.  Yes, that's where I found the bathroom lol (as pictured), though I never found the running fish statue :-/
  • Now it was dark, but I pushed on, speeding past Lake Crescent and the rest of Olympia before getting stuck for 15 minutes at a one way road lol.  Stupid construction...
  • Hit Port Angeles, where I grabbed a motel and walked to Michael's, an awesome seafood place recommended by the hotel clerk who used to work there lol.
I did it, I was almost to my new home!  The next day it was Seattle baby!
Day 7: Port Angeles, WA to Seattle, WA

  • Woke up and drove up Hurricane Ridge in Olympia, even though it was fogged out on the webcam.  I found the crazy Deception Point road, which is a curvy dirt road with no guardrails that goes for 8 miles.  I thought I had the balls to do it, but apparently not...especially in the fog lol
  • Hiked really quickly on the ridge and took some pictures of deer before heading back down and speeding towards Seattle, burned out and ready to be done.
  • Skipped Sequim and Dunguness and went straight to Port Townsend, which has a ton of cool shops and restaurants.  Again, I was a bit anxious to be done, so I definitely will be back, although I did find some cool bike shops along with a good lunch.
  • Excited, I drove to the Bremerton Ferry and sailed into Seattle!
Woo!  I had made it; after about a week, as I expected; I was at my new home.  The route was quite impressive; be sure to check it out:

I drove straight to my new house, where I have been ever since, exploring my new surroundings.  So far, it's been about a week and a half and I love the weather and the city!  We'll see about's starting Wednesday haha.

Be sure to stay tuned, I will be keeping my blog more up-to-date now that the craziness of getting moved in and settled has calmed down, I promise.  After all, I need a break from the grad work once and a while, right?

I leave you from my spot in a cozy coffee shop, soon to write again.

Until next time!


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