One Last Hurrah

Hey there, from 34,000 feet! I'm about a half hour into my flight to PDX and I thought I'd squeeze in one final post before I get home (and have a burger!) while flying. So here we go!

The last two days in Barcelona were pretty quick, so I'll just touch on them briefly. I got a swanky four star hotel in the Eixample area for only 40/night...gotta love HotWire lol. The first night, I immediately ran over to Casa Mila to get a glimpse of the roof at sunset, since it was going to rain Saturday. It was very surreal to say the least lol. Afterwords, I went on the shopping hunt again in the Plaça de Catalunya area, turning up nothing once more in terms of jackets. Oh well, I'll find one in the States. I wandered the Barri Gotic area for souvenirs, window shopping down all the twisty alleys before heading back to the hotel to recharge and figure out my Saturday plans. That evening, I had a nice, cheap meal at La Rita, a restaurant recommended by my dad, and then had a little paseo from the Ramblas all the way back to my hotel.

Saturday was one last gasp of sightseeing before my flight from one end of Barcelona to the other. First up, the Palau de la Música Catalana and into its shop to look for trinkets that my parents recommended. Afterwords, I hopped a metro to the opposite side of town to see Camp Nou, the FC Barcelona stadium. Very impressive and informative, though I don't know if it was worth 23 to get in. At least I found a cool scarf lol. Next up, a metro to Montjuïc and back to the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya after our failed attempt last time in town. The museum was very nice and I easily covered it in two hours, though most of it was in Catalan lol. Finally, one last stop at the Museu de la Xocolata to grab a cup of chocolate (I missed out last time hehe) and to look for gifts.  Man, that stuff made me almost as hyper as Sarah!

A stop at the hotel to re-sort my bags and figure out the bus to the airport for today and then I was off exploring the Eixample in search of one last good tapas dinner. The first place I chose was packed (a good sign), but there was some confusion between the host and bartender as to whether I was waiting for a table or getting food at the bar. After 20 minutes, I just left since I couldn't get anyone's attention. Continuing back towards my place, I found a new age style dinner place and had a nice meal instead; it's okay, I've had my fill of tapas so I wasn't too disappointed. I then went back to finish packing, watch Casino Royale, and pass out.

This morning, I quickly packed, grabbed the metro to Plaça d'Espanya and took the Aerobus to the terminal. Now, I wasn't too happy to get “randomly” selected to be screened before boarding, but whatever. I always get picked...I think I'll have a chat with my friends at the TSA. Anywho, here I am now, ready to write my final post, which will be right after the break.

Until then!

- Mateo

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